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Hi, My Name Is Elisabeth

I am an artist and writer living and working in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This is a space where I gather and publish my musings, reflections, and creative works.

I seek to inspire and be inspired. To cultivate life and beauty and compassion, pushing into spaces of discomfort and even ugliness to find the truth within myself. Join me.


2023 : Rediscovering My Inner Voice

After two years of therapy, I have learned to take all my excellent external communication skills and turn them inward to seek what my soul truly longs for. The journey back has been long, and at times brutal, but diving within cannot fully be realized without reaching out to those around us. Placing myself in a community where vulnerability is highly valued was the real key to unlocking this odyssey of self-love

2015 : Refining Fire

I began my first year at Davidson College in August, intending to be an English major, but began to deeply doubt not only my abilities but the resolve of my own experiences and thoughts. I switched to Studio Art, and eventually earned my bachelor’s degree.

1996 : The Journey Was Began

On a Tuesday in November, almost 27 years ago, I was born. At the age of three, before I even knew how to form letters with pen or pencil, I sought to transcribe the revelations of human existence, the words inside of me wanting escape, and I filled countless little journals with indecipherable scribbling that I now can only desperately wish to translate.

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