Senior Exhibition: UNcaged

Artist Statement

I am a collector, a scavenger of the old and unused. My practice is about curating and transforming, giving new life to what has been left behind. I consider human life this way as well. We all must choose to confront or ignore the dregs left behind by those who came before us—our parents and our parents’ parents and so forth. Regardless of intention we pass things down to our family, our friends, our loved ones, whole generations of humanity.
My inheritance defines me and it defines my work: all of the traumas, advantages, and inhibitions of my ancestors. They culminate in my being. Through my work I found the agency to decide how to react to them and curate which experiences have power. The cage is both object and symbol; it represents the ways in which my individual roots have both limited and shielded me. You don’t choose your cage, but you do choose how to grow despite the cage around you.
Cages don’t have solid walls. They are meant to be breached.   

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[visual_portfolio id=”249″]
The weight of murder, 2019
Found objects, plaster, glass, glass bottles, thread, hot glue,
sticks, spray paint
[visual_portfolio id=”266″]
Turning and turning, 2019
Found objects, sticks, foil, bronze, thread, electrical tape
[visual_portfolio id=”275″]
Disrupted, 2019
Found objects, sticks, fabric, wire, wax
Not for sale
[visual_portfolio id=”284″]
The weightlessness of dreams, 2019
Found objects, sticks, fabric, cotton, thread, tissue paper, glass,
[visual_portfolio id=”291″]
A memorial deep within, 2019
Sticks, fabric, plywood, glass, wire, thread
[visual_portfolio id=”300″]
Gift of life, 2019
Found objects, steel, sticks, string lights